We are a community to develop new materials faster together.

We are a community to develop new materials faster together.


24 November 


Researchers and companies in electrocatalysis are making an impact on the development of materials, and we are happy to present them to you.
While meeting makers and researchers, you will discover the latest technologies and applications.
Our goal is to connect methods, technologies, and, most importantly, people.

We're connecting researchers and materials

We are building new types of collaboration and skill sets to help researchers discover new materials. The purpose of our community is to encourage and facilitate an integrated team approach in material science research.  And we can only do this with your help.  

The future is new materials

The discovery of new materials defines the pace of human evolution on this planet.

New advanced materials are at the centre of any major challenges we will be facing in the coming decades.They are essential in all industries to address challenges in clean energy, sustainable production, and human welfare in general.

For the development of clean energy millions of new materials need to be investigated, namely, to discover performant electrocatalysts. If you extrapolate this to materials for solar cells, batteries and thermoelectric materials, it is clear this will be putting huge pressure on materials researchers in the coming years.



We connect researchers

Advanced tools and methods

Open Data resources

Empowering scientists to make an impact

Material Pioneers are the new explorers of the world

Discovering new materials is the new way to explore a hidden world, for each element in the periodic table there are hundreds that still needs to be discovered or invented. 

Be part of the community, and explore with us.