Changing from research on a single sample to multi sample (high throughput) is a big challenge that should be developed collectively. If everybody is trying to develop their own methodology it means that they are not focussed on screening new materials and this can only be done of all efforts are unified to a high degree.  

Innovation is a collaborative process

Born out of the research labs of TU Delft with over 20 years of experience in the synthesis of aerosols, VSPARTICLE provides research and industry with the tools to manufacture nanoparticles and nanostructured materials at the push of a button. Since 2014, the company is empowering material pioneers by offering a new technology to unlock new material properties and solve the world’s biggest challenges

Working towards material science development we realized what an intimidating challenge, material researchers are facing in the next decade.   

Only for the development of new electrocatalysts, millions of new materials need to be analysed. If you extrapolate this to materials for solar cells, batteries and thermoelectric materials, it is clear that this is putting huge pressure on material researchers. We also realized that all our efforts to help researchers accelerating material development are not enough. 

That’s why we decided to go for a more active approach

Inspired by projects like Wikipedia and the Human Genome project (big impact created by joined efforts of a large group) we distilled the idea of helping material researchers in  unifying their efforts by bringing them together in a Material Pioneers community.