The Material Pioneers Summit will be the first ever event in the electrocatalysis field with the full focus on accelerating research. The current pandemic slowed most of the electrocatalyst researchers during the past months. With this Electrocatalyst Summit we want to reignite the efforts by sharing the latest insights in research acceleration.

Join the Material Pioneers in Electrocatalysis Summit to be one of the frontrunners in the field and accelerate your research


A major driving force for this electrocatalysis boom is the wide-ranging applications in which electrocatalysts are employed, and the need to screen a vast array of potential materialv compositions to obtain novel electrocatalysts that are highly active, stable, cheap, and industrially scalable.

Speeding up the development of new materials requires the switch to faster sample preparation, characterization, and testing methods. In order to change this way of doing things, we need collective effort and strong partnerships between research groups and industry and we can only do this with your help.

Screening and testing the functionalities of new electro-catalyst materials is now the highest priority for the energy transition.

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8:45-9:00  Opening  

9:00-09:30  Opening key-note: The mission of Material Pioneers - Aaike 

09:30-10:00  Pure discovery for Electrocatalysis research. The Latest Innovations in Electrochemical HW & SW (METROHM Autolab)  - Iosif Fromondi 

10:00-10:30  How MEMS technology accelerates electrocatalyst development (DENSsolutions) - Hugo Perez Garza 

10:30-11:00  How a multidisciplinary approach is key in enabling electrochemistry. (E-refinery) - Ruud Kortlever  

11:00-11:30  Connecting academia and industry will accelerate technology development. (VOLTACHEM)  - Anca Anastasopol 

11:30-12:00  Closing of the morning session (Host) 


12:45-13:00  Welcome back, Opening of the afternoon session (Host) 

13:00-13:30  How a strong EU community accelerates electrocatalyst research. (SUNERGY) - Gabriele Centi

13:30-14:00 Why Startups are the ones to drive fast progress in deeptech (INAM) - Antonia Caraveteanu  

14:00-15:00  How Deep tech accelerates the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle in different industries. (BCG/HT)  - Massimo Portincaso 

15:00-16:00  Accelerating the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle for Electrocatalyst. (VSPARTICLE) - Wilbert Vrijburg 

16:00-16:30  How electrocatalysts are used to transform CO2 into vodka (The Air Company) - Stafford Sheehan 

16:30-17:00  Using electrocatalyst to turn CO2 into valuable compounds (Opus12) - Kendra Kuhl 

17:00-17:30  Closing remarks (Host) 

If you want to know more about our community and the principles we rely on, read our Manifesto and become a Material Pioneer.